Centrifugal, Diaphragm
Foreign Machine Tool

Multi-Stage, Gear, High Pressure,
Pump-Tank Systems


D&K Sales also Engineers and Builds

Special Coolant and Filtration Systems
For Specific Customer Applications.




Centrifugal, Gear and Double Diaphragm Industrial Pumps Pumps
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Known for coolant pumps and coolant circulating systems, Graymills also has a wide selection (more than 5,000 possible combinations) of centrifugal pumps, gear pumps and double diaphragm pumps for a diverse range of industrial applications – lens grinding (Agitator Pumps), ice making machines (VP Pumps), coil stock lubrication (SG Pumps), laser cooling (MSPR & TNRSS Pumps), circulating cleaning fluids (VP, TN Pumps), plus thousands of additional manufacturing and service applications.

In addition to pumps, Graymills has 35,000 square feet of sheet metal capability, allowing us to work with OEM’s and others on their total fluid delivery needs. We can provide complete pump and tank fluid circulating and delivery systems in standard and special configurations.


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